Pollution and Process Monitoring Ltd (PPM) is a company providing on-line analysers for waste water, raw water, treated and control applications. It’s manufactured products include a range of on-line TOC analysers known by their trade name PROTOC®. The analysers continuously measure water quality for organic contamination and are supported by a number of innovative sample preparation techniques. A laboratory system called Labtoc is also available for discrete sample analysis. Support includes consultation, design, engineered systems, installation and commissioning, training and after sales support. 

The company was founded in 1990 by a small team of highly qualified engineers that pioneered on-line TOC (Total Organic Carbon) monitoring. Key Industries include Chemical & Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Airports, Power.

TOC – the PPM process

Pollution and Process Monitoring (PPM) have optimised the UV-Persulphate design and pioneered the technique for on-line TOC measurement. The Protoc® design has many advantages over alternative methodologies, especially when used for in-situ analysis. The measurement is continuous, it can monitor more than one sample stream (either intermittently or continuously), it is self-cleaning and also features automatic chemical cleaning and calibration.



PROTOC® is a fast, reliable and flexible on-line analyser system designed to accurately determine TOC/TC concentrations in real time. The analyser comprises a wall mount analyser section typically supplied complete with a controller, providing local display and outputting signals. Measuring range: 0-5 up to 50,000 ppm (with dilution) for the standard PROTOC® and 0-500 ppb for the PROTOC® TL version.

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Protoc 300

Protoc TL
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The Protoc® range of instruments includes:

  • Protoc® 100
    Low cost analyser with manually operated valve to calibrate/zero/clean
  • Protoc®300
    Economical automated analyser for single stream analysis
  • Protoc® microSpyder and Web(s)
    Economical multi-point 1-4 stream analysis with touch screen controller
  • Protoc® Spyder and Web(s)
    Advanced multi-point 1-4 stream analysis with touch screen controller

LABTOC® is a fast, reliable and highly accurate system for the laboratory analysis of sample water. Measures TOC and/or TC values from single or multiple samples with a range from 0-10 ppm to 0-4000 ppm (TL option 0-500 to 40,000 ppb).

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Whatever the application, single instrument supply or complex monitoring stations, we can provide a range of technologies to optimise measurement and minimise maintenance.


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